Information Security in Canada

Canada's Trusted Source of Data Protection and Information Security Leadership

Why Trust Informatica?

Three quarters of Canadians trust companies that demonstrate privacy and security compliance, but how do those companies decide whom to trust and how to select their partners? For Informatica, our 35 years in the business is our main competitive differentiator, setting the stage for 3 types of leadership.

Professional Leadership

Our professionally certified experts earned the title of Risk Advisor™ after decades of proven ability to support, manage and execute on client privacy and compliance projects.

Technology Leadership

Informatica's track record of technology innovation is focused on bringing cybersecurity within the reach of every organization, and it begins with our dedicated Verify Audit Portal™.

Thought Leadership

Informatica's focus on contributing to a vibrant industry includes the spin-off of Canada's cybersafety foundation, Knowledgeflow and active advocacy for privacy and security.